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Friday, March 5, 2010

Reid Caught With Foot in Mouth Again

Just as quickly as one week turns into another, we can all expect Harry Reid to make yet another gaffe that lands him in hot water.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is catching heat for portraying Friday's labor report showing 36,000 jobs were lost in February as "really good" news.

"Today is a big day in America. Only 36,000 people lost their jobs today, which is really good," Reid said Friday on the Senate floor.

Republicans drew attention to the remark, which was captured in a YouTube clip, while bloggers railed against the Nevada Democrat.

The Democrats are already on the defensive from attacks from Republicans calling them "out of touch". Now, Reid goes and makes this asinine comment. There is a way to spin these jobs results without sounding as though job losses are a good thing. For instance, Steny Hoyer compared these to last February when we lost 700,000 jobs but then added it isn't good enough.

Harry Reid has become nothing short of a caricature and that's simply deadly given his position in the party. This is only the latest example of a politician that has become an embarrassment.

1 comment:

AG said...

Harry Reid tells you everything you need to know about the Democratic Party. Where else on Planet Earth could such a ridiculously weak, uncharismatic person become leadership material? The man makes Daschle look like Winston Churchill. If he somehow survives his reelection I can only hope the Democrats have enough sense to strip him of his leadership anyway.

The least he could have said is that the number was less than expected and canceled out by the fact that Decembers job loss number was adjusted downward by the same amount.

It really makes you wonder, Mike. Just how bad were Bush et. al. that made these guys look good?