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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

No Conflict of Interest Here

Harvey, Illinois is one of the poorest cities in the state, if not the country, but their power elite know how to play like the big boys.

Mayor Eric Kellogg had to like his chances when Harvey Public School District 152 voted to select a new superintendent.

Of the school board members who voted 4-2 for Kellogg to lead the district, one is his sister, one is his cousin and two are on the city payroll, working under Kellogg.

The board did not conduct a search or interview for a successor to Supt. Lela Bridges, who is retiring in June.

Instead, board members tapped Kellogg as "superintendent designate." For seven years he has led south suburban Harvey, an impoverished city of 30,000 plagued by crime, scandal and red ink.

Frankly, such conflicts should simply be made illegal. Conflicts of interest are at the heart of much of the corruption in our society. To even allow the mayor to also serve on the school board is just asking for trouble. Then, he's allowed to stack the deck and make sure he wins.

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