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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Brady Wins GOP Gubernatorial Nod

It's been more than a month since the February 2nd primary in Illinois and the GOP finally has a nominee.

In the month since Republicans voted on a nominee for governor, veteran state Sen. Bill Brady said he's come to realize his role in the GOP has been elevated far beyond serving as just another state lawmaker representing a central Illinois district.

Election officials declared Brady the official Republican nominee for governor Friday by a 193-vote margin over Senate colleague Kirk Dillard. But Brady's political moves in the last week portrayed a man who's still coming to grips with his role as the Republican standard-bearer in a fight to end Democratic dominance of state government.

Brady has proposed banning same-sex marriages and civil unions and loosening restrictions on discrimination based on gender or sexual identity — issues that play well with his conservative base but don't sell well in Illinois' moderate middle. The
Bloomington lawmaker also tried to help a local veterinarian by sponsoring a bill allowing mass euthanasia of dogs and cats, which typically involves gassing the animals.

Brady will face off against current governor Pat Quinn in November.

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