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Thursday, March 11, 2010

ACORN Investigation Killed According to Judicial Watch

The watch dog group, Judicial Watch, says that an investigation into ACORN was killed by President Obama's justice department.

The Obama Justice Department administration shut down an investigation into ACORN last year, ignoring evidence of fraud at the community group, a government
watchdog claimed Thursday, citing investigative documents it obtained.

The watchdog, Judicial Watch, in releasing the documents, accused ACORN of "evident criminal conduct" and suggested that Obama's past ties to ACORN played a role in the investigation's conclusion.

ACORN responded by emphasizing that it was cleared of wrongdoing, though the federal investigation found problems with how the organization hires and trains employees.

This is disappointing if not surprising. It also means that the investigation in Louisiana lead by Democratic Attorney General, Buddy Caldwell, continues to be the investigation with the most promise as far as uncovering potential criminal activities. That investigation continues and last fall there was a raid of an ACORN office as part of that investigation.

1 comment:

AG said...

What about the one in NY that found no wrongdoing?