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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Massa the Conservative Radio Hero

I warned about this yesterday and already Massa is becoming a conservative hero in some circles.

Meet Eric Massa, conservative media hero.

The New York Democrat’s
weekend radio rant against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Majority Leader Steny
Hoyer and White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel has his star rising on the
right even as he resigns from Congress under an ethical cloud.

Rush Limbaugh vowed to make a “national story” out of Massa’s claims that Democrats orchestrated his downfall because he voted no on health care reform — adding that Massa is “going to have so much support from people.”

Matt Drudge led his site for much of the day Monday with all-caps links to POLITICO’s coverage of Massa’s statements: “RAHM ‘WOULD SELL HIS OWN MOTHER,’ ‘SON OF THE DEVIL’S SPAWN.’”

This is exactly what is wrong with partisans. They will show absolutely no judgment as long as something fits their ideological belief system. Congressman Massa has said all sorts of outlandish things. Many of them contradict other things that he himself has said. Yet, because he's made all sorts of explosive charges at Democrats, major conservative figures now treat him as some sort of Oracle. Are they serious?

I know that Beck will have him on. I hope there's some probing questions about Massa's multiple and contradictory statements as well as some of his charges. Simply put, Massa is a loose cannon. Getting into bed with him is not wise. I would be staying as far away from this story as possible.


Jason Gillman said...

On Beck's show Massa pretty much came out swinging... a white flag..

What a joke. No smoking gun, only a laughable platform that backs up his personal feelings about ... "feelings."

Massa says he did nothing criminally wrong, but because he might have made someone uncomfortable in a "tickle fight," he was an unfit boss.

Screw that. There is either more, or we have pussied up this country so bad that seems normal.

Total waste of time to have him on Beck. Total waste.

mike volpe said...

Weird, I might be the only one that liked Massa on the show. I think that Beck was trying to get something out of him that was simply not there.

Massa said that he created an environment where the wall of professionalism was broken down between he and his staff and he retired because of that.

I actually learned plenty but whatever.