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Monday, March 22, 2010

The Court Challenges Begin

Nearly forty states may join Virginia in challenging the constitutionality of the passed health care reform. Virginia will be first to formally file suit.

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli was the first to announce Monday that he will file a legal challenge -- as soon as Obama signs the bill.

Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum also plans to announce Monday morning that he and top prosecutors from nine other states are filing a lawsuit to "protect the rights" of the American people from the bill.

Initially, I was excited because there are a lot of interesting constitutional issues at play here but now I realize that health care reform may not go away for years and that's not good. Up to forty different states may in fact join Virginia in challenging this bill.


AG said...

I just wanted to address some of the comments Mike and Mr. Leach were making in the previous thread:

-First, I can't for the life of me figure out why so many conservatives reduce this whole thing to "free money for someone else." There's 10/16 percent U3/U6 unemployment out there, people are killing themselves over their debts and losing their jobs, the stigma attached to bankruptcy has put millions of Americans in their own mental debtor's prison. WE GET THE POINT, BEING POOR AND LAZY IS BAD. I don't see where all these entitled brats are that you keep pointing to, nor do I see anything designed to create them coming from Obama, or the Democrats, or anybody else for that matter. But if you won't stop this ridiculous witch hunt, people are going to start looking for these poor lazy slobs in the mirror. But most importantly, it sets a pretty bad image. That image, is that when the chips are down *Americans will turn on each other*. Is that what you want the rest of the world to see? Is that what you want Americans to see?

-Secondly, it will take judicial activism the likes of which you've never seen since Bush v. Gore to get this bill declared unconstitutional. I have a feeling that the individual mandate will become the new "Roe v. Wade" style litmus test for judges.

As for the state legislatures, Andrew Jackson is spinning in his grave that the spectre of Nullification has once again reared its ugly head.

mike volpe said...

it's probably best to respond behind said article then. you'll confuse the issue this way.