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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Health Care Reform Has Issues

Fox News is reporting that there's trust issues between Senate Democrats and House Democrats.

House Democrats' distrust of the Senate is turning up as a major roadblock to passing health care reform. And they're playing right into Republicans' hands.

With President Obama pushing anew to pass the health care package through Congress in the coming weeks, several House Democrats have voiced concern that the Senate could betray them if they go along and pass its version of the health bill.

"The Senate has given us a lot of reason not to trust them," Rep. Jason Altmire, D-Pa., who voted against the House bill last year and is currently undecided told "Fox News Sunday."

Now, there are trust issues between the House and the Senate. In reality, there are simply issues. This is just the latest problem to be explored in getting health care reform passed.

Abortion is the greatest example. How can we be in the thirteenth month of the health care debate and the Democrats still haven't figured out federal funding for abortion language? We're still arguing the public option. They're still arguing the cost, taxes, and fees. Let's face it. The Democrats are still arguing amongst themselves about every part of health care reform.

How sad? It's more than a year into the debate and the Democrats can't get their own caucus to agree on any part of this bill. Yeah, the Democrats have trust issues. They just have issues.

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