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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

More Voter Registration Fraud Charges for ACORN

Once again, however, voter registration fraud has been confused with voter fraud.

Five Wisconsin residents, including two who worked for community organizing group ACORN, were charged Monday with election fraud relating to the 2008 presidential election.

State Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen announced felony charges against Maria Miles, Kevin Clancy, Michael Henderson, Herbert Gunka and Suzanne Gunka.

Miles and Clancy worked for the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now and are accused of submitting multiple voter registration applications for the same individuals, including each other, to meet voter registration quotas imposed by the community organizing group.

Henderson is charged with one count of voting by a disqualified person and providing false information to election officials. The allegation claims he was on a felony probation and prohibited from voting at the time.

While the crimes described here are crimes of voter registration fraud, the headline was ACORN Registration Workers Charged With Felony Voter Fraud. There's a huge difference. In this case, voter registration forms were submitted fraudulently. People that didn't exist were registered to vote. Of course, since they didn't exist, they weren't going to vote. The most famous case is of course of Mickey Mouse but Mickey Mouse didn't vote either.

In these cases, no one voted fraudulently either. That doesn't mean, however, there wasn't fraud. These folks defrauded whoever paid them to register people to vote and that's the crime.


AG said...

Have you ever heard of any instance where someone registered to vote in multiple places and voted at all of them?

mike volpe said...

I have not. The only voting fraud that I believe goes on is in corrupt cities,like mine, where there isn't an opponent's party to check and dead people or fake people vote. There's no evidence of that here.