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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Chacko on Noisy Room

The folks at the fine conservative blog, Noisy Room, took up my tip and put together this piece on the affair surrounding Chacko at the Pittsburgh VA.

Both Congressman Miller and General Shinseki appear to have overstepped their authority and power. They also appear to have made grave errors in judgment and procedure. Neither has been brought to task for their actions as of yet. One thing is glaringly apparent, Dr. Chacko was way out of line and needed to go and others around her were unfairly maligned and mistreated. This whole incident needs the cleansing light of day and needs to be thoroughly explored by impartial parties to get to the bottom of the dirty politics and tactics at play here and then those involved need to be legally and legitimately dealt with.

If the Veteran’s Administration really wants to help their credibility, they will get to the bottom of this and deal with those involved fairly while punishing those who deserve it. Justice delayed is justice denied…

Well said, however there might be a bit of wishful thinking. Those that are involved are running the VA so it's unlikely they'll investigate themselves.

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Anonymous said...

Something to think about: is there some way to group all the Chacko comments together or indicate when a previous post has new comments?

There might be interesting comments on a post from, say, two weeks ago, but it takes some effort and guesswork to find them.