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Monday, January 4, 2010

Afghan Parliament Rejects Half the Cabinet

This is being criticized by the UN.

The head of the United Nations mission to Afghanistan criticized the Afghan parliament's decision to reject a majority of President Hamid Karzai's cabinet nominees, citing concerns that it could delay the formation of a new government.

The Parliament voted to reject 17 out of Mr. Karzai's 24 nominations. Among those is Ismail Khan, a controversial warlord who had been nominated as energy minister. Other rejected nominees included the ministers of justice, commerce, economy and public health.

Kai Eide, the top U.N. chief in the country, said Sunday that the decision constituted a "setback" and a "distraction," which could hamper international efforts to reform, in a timely fashion, a government often accused of corruption. On Tuesday, the Afghan parliament will start a 45-day recess, meaning that up to two months could pass before a new government is installed.

This puts a wrench into our own Afghan policy but this is what happens when the elections are tainted. It's also an exercise of power by a parliament that has been viewed my many as little more than a rubber stamp.

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