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Sunday, June 3, 2018

TnT Tanya TalkS with Stephen Thompson

Check me out at the beginning of the broadcast with an update on the Hathaway case. Please read Tanya Hathaway's story "New Hampshire Woman Takes on Oklahoma" here.

Stephen Thompson, the guest on the above podcast, experienced corruption in front of the same judge Tulsa District Special Judge J. Anthony Miller.

Stephen Thompson was on with Tanya Hathaway on TnT Tanya TalkS and Tanya Hathaway described his case below:

Our guest, Stephen Thompson, is yet another victim (and more are coming out of the woodwork) of Special Judge J. Anthony Miller, of Tulsa District Courthouse, where he will share his nightmare in courtroom # 349.(I personally begin to hyperventilate thinking about that evil excuse for justice. )
This is yet-another family case gone wild!
Stephen’s Constitutional Rights have seemingly been violated- motions ignored- suppressed and oppressed…. Parental alienation ignored- suborned, and seemingly applauded by Judge Miller when Stephen tries to enforce existing orders- instead, it’s more like he was punished.
Although we know one thing for sure that Miller is bias over (in my opinion) is protecting his self interest regardless of gender as a litigant; I certainly understand, as plenty can I imagine- why Stephen has the following to say about his ongoing experience with the Orwellian Miller.
Quotes from Stephen: 
“This is the first time I have had to deal with lawyers and courts. From the beginning I have felt like I have been hustled from all sides”.
“After experiencing the things that I have gone through, I have realized that the system creates more “deadbeat dads” than there would be otherwise and the kids best interest, which this should all be about, goes by the wayside. “

I've referred to so-called Judge Miller as the Orwellian Judge Miller. Stephen was forced to take a drug test; the reason being was that his ex-wife agreed to pay for it even though he had a job and no history of drug use. 

Then, when the test came back negative, the Orwellian Miller ordered Stephen to pay for the test or have it be deemed positive. How's that for Orwellian? 

There is a second documented case of Orwellian Judge Miller victimizing a litigant. Tanya Hathaway and TnT Tanya TalkS also interviewed Ashley. That podcast is below. 

The podcast about Tanya Hathaway's story is below; Hathway makes it three Orwellian Judge Miller victims. Please read Tanya Hathaway's story "New Hampshire Woman Takes on Oklahoma" here.

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