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Friday, June 1, 2018

Now Minnesota Targeting Sandra Grazzini-Rucki With Child Support

                                                                    (Sandra Grazzini-Rucki)

Sandra Grazzini-Rucki has been out of jail for less than a month but she’s in danger of going back, this time for child support.
Sandra Grazzini-Rucki finally completed her prison sentence from her 2016 conviction for parental deprivation in May, but the law wasted no time going after her again.
While still in prison, Grazzini-Rucki was served with a child support order which mandates she pay her multi-millionaire ex-husband, David Rucki, $950 per month in child support starting on June 1, 2018.
Sandra Grazzini-Rucki is homeless, penniless, and hasn’t worked in approximately three years while David Rucki owns four homes, nine classic cars, and a multi-million dollar business but that didn’t stop Magistrate Judge Maria Pastoor from imposing the child support order.
The order was first imposed in the summer 2016 while her criminal trial was ongoing, but it was suspended while she was serving time.
But that came to an end with an order dated May 17, 2018.
“The support terms of the October 13, 2016, are hereby reinstated on June 1, 2018.”
Remarkably, Pastoor even claimed that the multi-millionaire David Rucki was on public assistance, “The father receives non-public assistance from (Social Security) Title IVD.”
This, Pastoor claimed, was evidence he was in need of child support and not evidence of fraud.
Remarkably, David Rucki has maintained one attorney, Lisa Elliott, since 2012 continuously while also hiring other attorneys like Marshall Tanick to handle other legal matters throughout.
Somehow he’s able to afford $400 per hour attorneys regularly but still needs $975 per month in child support.
“The court acknowledges that Sandra Grazzini-Rucki currently earns no money but used the concept of imputed income to justify its ruling.
“Imputed income allows judges to base child support on an income level the judge deems is reasonable even if the party is not currently earning that living.
Pastoor and Flaskamps-Halbrooks, based on their rulings, believe that Sandra Grazzini-Rucki, who is convicted of six felonies, is capable of making approximately $65,000 per year, the amount equivalent to $975 per month in child support.
Not only did David Rucki receive sole custody of the couple’s five children but he also received 100% of a multi-million dollar estate in a ruling by Judge David Knutson.
Knutson, Pastoor, and Flaskamps-Halbrooks have declined repeated requests to explain their rulings.
An email to the court’s public affairs office was also left unreturned.
Grazzini-Rucki has appealed theruling saying in part, “All of the child support orders in this matter are based on fraud.  The court has never considered my actual income, and simply took my checks, which reflected my actual income and doubled them for their child support purposes.  They never considered that my W-2's for the years 2011-2015 were never greater than $25,000 per year. I averaged around $20,000 to $25,000 per year.  Because of this fact, the orders are all null and void and should be voided. Child support should be recalculated based on my actual income from those years, and my arrears should be adjusted accordingly,
But she is now in danger of going back to jail for unpaid child support. Grazzini-Rucki remains on probation for parental deprivation.
As I have noted, in fact, there is a mountain of evidence that her ex-husband is a violent and abusive man.
Her two oldest daughters ran away on April 19, 2013, after being forced to live with their paternal aunt. They were hidden by Sandra Grazzini-Rucki and others until late 2015 when they were discovered.
While she argued that they were hidden for their safety, the criminal court excluded almost all evidence of abuse. 


Sharon4Anderson said...

Judge - Court of Appeals 7
Candidate Name Party Website File Date
Jill Flaskamp Halbrooks Nonpartisan
Up for Election How can these Judges hold Office when such Harm,Injury, Unhpublished Orders Child Support, when your Children are Taken and you can never see them again.

Anonymous said...

they took from me also . and child support !!!

Concerned citizen said...

Find a lawyer who is just as disgusted with this story as you are and let him/her dig Sandra out of this mess. These judges and court actors need to be intimidated and taken down for what they did. This case is way bigger than an ordinary lay person can handle. Find a young Lawyer willing to take the case on contingency and who can handle this case and make a name for himself. Sue everyone involved including David Ruccki.

Unknown said...

Candice Bock. I live in Nevada. I am also,
dealing with corrupt judges and attorneys they took millions of dollars, my frozen embryos and my son and all my personal and community property. I can't find an attorney that will help me anywhere. They are afraid they will be disbarred. You have nowhere to turn. They want you to commit suicide. The judges are fuckin monsters.