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Saturday, June 9, 2018

Orwellian (And So-Called Judge) Miller Strikes Again!

A man with no history of drug use was first ordered to take a drug test and then ordered to pay for it when it came back clean during his divorce.

It’s the latest example of judicial hubris and abuse by a growing list of litigants in the Court #349 of the Tulsa District Court where the Orwellian Judge J Anthony Miller presides.

                                                      (Orwellian Tulsa Distric Special Judge J Anthony Miller)

Stephen Thompson is a flight nurse with a steady job and he said he has no history of drug abuse.

The order further noted: "It is further adjudicated, ordered, and decreed by the courts that the cost shall be prepaid by the Petitioner (Thompson's ex-wife) and if Respondent's results are positive for the substance, the cost of Respondent's said drug screening shall be reimbursed by the Respondent to the Petitioner."

Despite Miller's own court order, in July 2017, even after his drug test came back negative, Thompson was told his test would be “presumed positive” if he didn’t pay for it.

Indeed, according to an April 24, 2017, court order signed by the Orwellian Miller, Thompson is ordered to take a drug screen: “It is therefore ordered, adjudicated, and decreed by the court that it has been fully advised and with good cause hereby orders that the Petitioner submit a hair sample.”

See order below.

But on July 12, 2017, the on-line docket shows an entry- currently at least- for a “presumed positive” test.

Thompson said this episode is only one injustice in a year plus process which has put him on the brink of financial ruin, threatened with jail, and worse yet, he said he’s been systematically removed from his four children’s lives by his ex-wife.

An email to Miller’s law clerk, Shana Grandstaff, was not returned.

A petition was filed for divorce between Deshonda Thompson and Stephen Thompson in Tulsa County District Court on February 16, 2017.

Thompson said he makes approximately $4,300 per month in income but between child support and alimony, more than half his gross income is confiscated.

“On March 8th 2017, I was informed that my child support would be calculated out to $1337/mo based off of my income, that was coming from my attorney, I thought that was a bit steep, but what do I know." Thompson said of what happened next. "Turns out, it was definitely miscalculated. I go to court on April 24th, I believe, 2017 and my pay stubs are introduced as evidence, Judge Miller orders me to pay the current child support as well as $900/mo in alimony and Judge Miller states, and I quote, ‘He will just have to figure it out.’ I was also forced to take a drug test for the sole fact that my ex would pay for it, even though I didn't meet any statue saying that I needed to.

“I end up getting evicted from my apartment and my car repossessed. The summer of 2017 my ex kept the kids from me, and on June 1st, 2017, my daughter was grounded from me, and I have a recording stating such. I hired a new attorney in July and go back to court later that month because she wants to move out of town and she wants me drug test to be deemed positive (side note, I am a nail biter, she knows that, wouldn't allow for a hair follicle, I h ad to wait a month for my nails to grow, all while paying $25 a week to go in and them tell me to come back). I go to court, Judge Miller orders me to pay for the drug test, the one he only allowed because she was going to pay for it, and I get some sort of visitation reestablished, he didn't care that the kids were withheld from me for the summer and didn't give me the opportunity to state anything about my daughter being grounded from me.”

An email to Deshonda Thompsons’ attorney, Kameran Ritzhaupt, was left unreturned.

But Thomson said his attorney was not able to file a petition to modify the child support order until 
November 2017, and that has still not been heard by the Orwellian Miller. Thompson said this happened despite that from May 21- August 17, 2017, he didn’t see any of his four children at all.

He hasn’t seen one of his children, his daughter who is grounded from him, since June 1, 2017.
“For over a year, my ex keeps saying my child has issues with me but won’t say what those issues are.” Thompson said on Conservative Law & Politics.

But Thompson said the abuse only got worse as 2017 turned into 2018.

“In February (2018) I go back to court, and again he doesn't have time to hear my motions, and my attorney pleas on my behalf and waives my right to a trial by jury, unbeknownst to me. 

 “I go back to court in April and yet again, my motions aren't heard, it gets pawned off until May. 

“On May 11th, I go back to court. This time I overhear Judge Miller say that he will find me guilty of contempt, even before a trial, I hear this judge already have a preconceived notion that I am guilty after hearing no evidence whatsoever. I am forced to plead no contest, since my right to a jury trial had already been waived, so I can remain out of jail until September when I have a status hearing on that issue. Meanwhile, once again, my motions about child support/alimony and me not seeing my daughter are all pawned off.”

Thompson has been represented by for parts of the ordeal by Matt Ingham and other parts of the ordeal by Cliff Stark. Emails to both were left unreturned. 

Emails to Alex Gerszewski and Terri Watkins, press secretaries for Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter, and to Sally Van Schenk, press secretary for Tulsa District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler, about the forming pattern of abuse in Miller's courtroom were left unreturned. 

On March 12, 2018, I along with another Orwellian Judge Miller victim Tanya Hathaway, wrote her story; you can find that story here.

A podcast discussing her case is also below.

Tanya has started her own show, TnT Tanya TalkS, and among her guests was a third victim of the Orwellian Miller, Ashley. That podcast is below.
Hathaway started the Facebook page “Injustice in Oklahoma” where the list of victims of  the Sooner State's judicial, law enforcement, and political abuse grows daily.  She also interviewed Stephen Thompson and that podcast is below. 

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