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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Her Stunning Hubris Will Only Make Her More Toxic, It Caricatures Her, and it Will Ultimately Do Her In

Does the Speaker really think that she can accuse our spies of lying, stand by that statement providing absolutely no evidence, and then say that's all you're going to answer about that situation? Frankly, I am a bit disappointed that I didn't point out this hubris in my previous piece on her.

If you think about it, this whole thing is only happening because of Pelosi's overwhelming hubris. She couldn't admit to the shame that she knew all along and didn't make any sort of an effort to stop it. Instead, she thought that she could just blame everyone but herself and have that work for her.

The irony of all this hubris is that one of her biggest undoing is that she can't stop being overcome with enormous nervous tension whenever she is in front of the camera. You can see this because her hand motions never match the tone in which she speaks. Furthermore, you can hear the nervous tension in her voice. The reason all these press conferences are such a disaster is because she is so visibly nervous. You can tell because her body language is all off and you can even hear the nervous tension in her voice.

Now, because of this "scheme" that Pelosi her press conference becomes an event that everyone looks forward to if not for its trainwreck rubber neck manner. Now, imagine this trainwreck happening in front of a rubberneck media once a week. Pelosi will just get more and more toxic. Apparently, none of this Pelosi could foresee happening. That's just how full of hubris she is. She thought that she could do all of this and simply get away with it.

I've always described hubris to people as the moment when arrogance becomes a fatal flaw. It will actually be sort of enjoyable watching her meltdown because the meltdown itself will only be caused by her own far too healthy an opinion of herself. Pelosi's hubris will do her in. She's already caricatured herself. Take a look at some more of her recent press conference appearances.

We're in for a weekly one of those until at least November 2010. The visibility on these press conferences will continue to go up dramatically. She will just become more and more of a caricature until she becomes so toxic that she must be removed.Until then, once a week we will be treated to something like this.


Anonymous said...

Why would you expect anything better from the poster girl for stinky pussy socialism?...say hello to the politics of greaseball donkeysnit

Robbins Mitchell

austin tx personal trainers said...

Nancy is smokin hot and the Press will carry her water.

Anonymous said...

Mike, if you have any decency you will remove Mitchell77006's post.

The only thing I'm going to say otherwise is that it doesn't really matter what the Republicans think of Pelosi. That she is liberal is more than enough of a "crime" for them to want to call for her resignation.

The reality of the situation is what will the Democrats do. On one hand the conservative Democrats could buy into what the Republicans are saying and get scared of being tarred with the same brush. On the other hand you have the Democratic base out there cultivating primary challenges to Democrats who inhibit Obama's agenda and I can't imagine they'd be too pleased with any Democrat who was complicit in what Bush was doing. Then again both of these factions know full and well that they owe their majority to Pelosi. A majority the Republicans have less than zero chance of overtaking in 2010. After all, you may not remember it, but I distinctly remember more than one pundit asking of the voting public whether they were willing to accept Nancy Pelosi as their Speaker as far back as 2006. So I still don't have much faith in the "campaign against Pelosi" strategy for 2010.