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Monday, June 9, 2008

Rhode Island Vs. Dr. Jerry Mills III

Introduction: Please check out part one and part two if you haven't read those yet. I will make allusions and references to each and if you haven't read them, you will be lost.

Imagine if you were put into the position of having your livlihood threatened by a corrupt governing body that trumped up charges. Imagine if that corrupt governing body not only trumped up charges but eventually removed your ability to earn a living in the profession. Imagine if an uncaring state apparatus did nothing to help you while the corrupt governing body continued to stop you from earning a living in your chosen profession. Imagine if there was no one to help you while this was perpetrated on you for over ten years. I bet you would think that such a thing would never happen here in America, and that I was describing some totalitarian country where people are constantly targeted and have their civil rights systematically violated.

Except it didn't happen in a totalitarian country. It happened right here in America, and continues to happen today. The story of Dr. Geraldine Mills is a tragic tale not only for the scope of its corruption but more than that, it's tragic because no one seems to care that it continues to happen. Worse than that, Dr. Mills is one of thousands of doctors that have their civil rights violated by something known as sham peer review. According to the Semmelweis Society, every single state in the union has had various cases of sham peer review. They estimate discovering 25 new cases each and every week.

Doctors are Americans like the rest of us. They deserve the same civil rights protections that everyone else enjoys. When a corrupt governing body trumps up charges, removes their licenses, and doesn't reinstate their licenses for no good reason, they have had their civil rights systematically violated. These are the same civil rights that our founding father's fought a war to make sure EVERY American had. That includes doctors.

What was Dr. Mills' crime? She complained that she was being worked too hard. Can you imagine if everyone that complained about that then saw their careers destroyed and ripped apart as a result? What else did she do? She reported a case of suspected child abuse as she is mandated by the mandated reporter statute. She did what was not only her ethical, moral, but legal DUTY, and because she did, she paid for it with the loss of her career. Worse than all of that, no one seems to care in the slightest.

The state of Rhode Island has spent the better part of ten years making sure Dr. Mills never works as a doctor again, and they won't stop until she gives up. If the state is this attentive to a farce, how much time does anyone actually think they spend making sure that bad doctors are removed. Unfortunately, when you have corrupt governing bodies, like the Rhode Island Medical Board, they don't merely spend too much time going after good doctors frivolously, but rather they don't spend enough time going after bad doctors.

Again, no one seems to care. No one has picked up this story. It certainly isn't due to journalistic ambition. This story would allow any reporter to indict the Rhode Island Medical Board, Attorney General's office, U.S. Senators, and frankly the entire government apparatus. Yet, you will NOT find this story anywhere in the MSM. Why? I guess those are questions to ponder, but Dr. Geraldine Mills doesn't have the luxury of such existential philosophical questions. She has to live this nightmare. It is a nightmare that no American should ever have to live, and we should all be ashamed every single day it continues.

Also, please check out other such stories like a doctor in South Carolina that was targeted for reporting on a serial killer nurse, a doctor in Texas targeted by Blue Cross/Blue Shield, a nurse that was targeted after he reported on illegal drug testing at his hospital, the Texas Medical Board's systematic targeting of doctors, and of course the one that started it all the tragic case of obscene corruption at Atlanta's Grady Hospital.


Gary said...

I see both sides. I have experienced several physicians in Abilene, Texas make a horrible mistake and attempt to intimidate me, lie, and dodge every issue. We need a committee investigating them and holding them accountable such as the Texas Medical Board.
Please visit my blog:

Anonymous said...

I have known Dr. Mills for all of 18 years plus. She is an excellent Doctor who treated her patients and their families with the utmost professionalism, caring and committment.I trusted the lives of all my children and foster children I had from the state of RI. My daughter who is 29 years old now and a mom herself wishes Dr. Mills was still in Practice as she states she would never find another Dr. like her to take care of her children. My son is alive today because of Dr. Mills.
I tried on different occasions to witness for Dr. Mills at these corupt proceedings,(My Words)but unfortunately nothing ever came of my testimony and others. This is such an unfortunate thing for this to happen to Dr. Mills, as the State of RI lost a truly dedicated Doctor. Darlene

Anonymous said...

Anybody called Glenn Beck yet ????

Anonymous said...

Mr. Provacateur: Aside from exposing this about doing some serious "PR" yourself.. Start something !!!!