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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Rhode Island Versus Dr. Jerry Mills Part I

In the movie, The Truman Show, the main character, Truman Burbank, faces everyone's worst nightmare. His entire life is being orchestrated by someone else. Much like Truman Burbank, Dr. Geraldine Mills found herself in a scenario in which her entire life was orchestrated by the entire apparatus of Rhode Island. Unlike Truman Burbank, who's nightmare was the mere fact that someone else was pulling the strings on his life, Dr. Mills worst nightmare was that the strings were being pulled in order to turn her life into a nightmare.

Her saga have now gone on for more than fifteen years. It all started when she dared to challenge the authority at the hospital she worked at. Once this happened, that same authority made her an enemy and her life since has been nothing but a living hell.

Since then, she has been brought up in front of the corrupt Rhode Island Medical Board. Her license was indefinitely suspended because patient records weren't forwarded in a timely enough manner. She has been forced to see a psychiatrist. She has had to appeal her case to an appeal's apparatus that was no less corrupt, and after nearly eight years her license remains indefinitely suspended.

Furthermore, she has reached out to nearly every single politician she could from Lincoln Chafee, to Jack Reed, to Sheldon Whitehouse, among many other state and local politician. None of the political appartus did anything to right the terrible wrong that was and continues to be perpetrated upon her.

Worst of all, much of the wrong that has been perpetrated upon her centers around a case in which there is strong evidence of child abuse. While Dr. Mills has had her license removed, this particular case has yet to be investigated by any of the corrupt forces that have punished Dr. Mills in so draconian a manner. Much like many of the other cases of sham peer review that I have covered, Dr. Mills story has never been told by any other media source. As such, Dr. Mills continues to struggle with absolutely no one offering to tell her story.

Her story not being told has nothing to do with it's lack of drama an poignancy, and thus, I can only assume that the silence from the media is due to nefarious reasons. Thus, I am once again put into the position of doing the job the media should be doing. That, of course, will be part two of this amazing tale.

Here is part two.

1 comment:

Shirley Pigott MD said...

I have met Dr. Mills personally and am distressed by her story. She now has a paper route and lives with her aging parents who have lost everything defending their daughter. She cries when she tells how she hopes to be vindicated while her father is still alive. Geraldine is Jewish.

People like Geraldine are the reasons I fight sham peer review almost full time now, in addition to the fact that I am still fighting it for myself with the Texas Medical Board.