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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Human Guinea Pigs, Sham Peer Review, and The Governor III

Introduction: I will be making references that you simply won't be able to follow unless you read part one and part two. Furthermore, I will make references to other cases I have covered. I will provide a link everytime so feel free to link over and get details.

The cruelest of cruel ironies of this story is that the only thing that Tim Goosby could have done to avoid the nightmare that he found himself in is to not have taken the job in the first place. The only other way he could have avoided this nightmare is to have corrupted himself and gotten into bed with the corruptors that he blew the whistle on. Just think about that for a minute and realize that any system structured for such an outcome is one that needs a total and complete overhaul.

The most glaring problem in the system is the obscene amount of power all centered in the hands of the Texas Nursing Board. The entire appeals process beyond the nursing board in Texas is entirely to bring recommendations back to the board itself. If the TNB is corrupt (and it is), then the entire appeals process is irrelevant. In the case of Tim Goosby, a law judge ruled in his favor when he appealed the corrupt verdict. That meant absolutely nothing because the law judge's ruling was non binding. It was only meant as a guide for the TNB which always had the ultimate say. Thus, once the TNB got the motivation to punish Goosby, there was no escaping their wrath.

The second tragic and glaring weakness of the system is the total lack of protection whistle blowers have. Tim Goosby found out about ILLEGAL DRUG TESTING. That isn't merely som clerical error or finding out that someone comes in five minutes late often. Dr. Dan Dugi was testing a drug not yet approved on unsuspecting patients. Tim Goosby faced one of two choices. He either looked the other way and allow this evil to continue, or worse, he blew the whistle and wound up making his own life a living hell. If whistle blowers face absolutely no protection, then what that does is encourage corrupt behavior at hospitals all over the place. The reason that Dr. Dugi so brazenly broke the law is exactly because he knew that he could punish and eliminate anyone that tried to get in his way. The lack of protections for whistleblowers currently not in our legal system encourages the medical field to continue with the kind of corruption we see here.

Lastly, the Texas medical field is corrupt in a manner that should alarm all residents not only in Texas but in the United States. The case of Dr. Shirley Pigott revealed that Blue Cross/Blue Shield has corrupted the entire medical system in order to punish and intimidate doctors it doesn't like. BCBS is the single biggest health insurer in the state of Texas. The cases of Dr. Chris Kuhne and Dr. Bill Rea show that the Texas Medical Board has been completely corrupted and thousands of Texas doctors have faced the wrath of sham peer review as a result. Now, we have the case of Tim Goosby.

This case reveals that the Texas Nursing Board is as corrupt as the other entities, and it punishes some nurse for blowing the whistle, while protecting other nurses that have the right connection.You simply cannot have a system this corrupted with absolutely no consequences beyond "merely" those of the targeted professionals. The medical system in Texas is corrupted at every level. In the case of Dr. Shirley Pigott, BCBS employed the Texas Medical Board, Texas Medical Association, and Texas Association of Family Physicians, to orchestrate its corruption.

What this means is that nearly every single entity that is supposed to make sure that medicine is performed properly in Texas is actually corrupted and creates the opposite effect. Furthermore, the case of Tim Goosby also revealed a governor's office that's either incompetent or corrupt, but ultimately one, that is asleep at the wheel while its entire medical system is totally corrupted.

This affects all aspects of the way in which medicine is performed both in Texas and in the U.S. Everything from health insurance rates, to patient care, to medical professional competence is affected. You simply are not going to solve the "health care crisis" if this situation is not solved first. If the single biggest health care provider is allowed to corrupt the system, and every single government and professional agency is its partner, then there are no fixes unless this is fixed first.

Lastly, aren't doctors and nurses American citizens also? If they are, then I firmly believe that they deserve the same expectation of civil rights as everyone else. How would any of you reading this feel if you tried to do the right thing and as a result had the rest of your life turned into a living hell? Would you feel as though you received the same civil rights that this country was founded on? Why are we all then standing by and allowing all of these doctors to have their civil rights snatched from them by corrupt forces all over their field? To me at least, this is not the least bit acceptable, and it needs to stop immediately. It won't as long the public in general turns a blind eye to it. As the saying goes

evil flourishes when good men stand by and do nothing

Also, please check out other such stories like a doctor in South Carolina that was targeted for reporting on a serial killer nurse, a doctor in Texas targeted by Blue Cross/Blue Shield, the Texas Medical Board's systematic targeting of doctors, and of course the one that started it all the tragic case of obscene corruption at Atlanta's Grady Hospital. Please read them all and demand that action be taken so that the scourge of sham peer review ends.

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