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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Mr. Pham Wants Everyone to Know He Does Not Represent Dede Evavold

Check out the affidavit below.=
For more background, check out the link. 

To sum up, Dede Evavold was sued; she came to her insurance company, State Farm, for help.

LeHoan Pham represents State Farm.

Her insurance company, State Farm, has done everything, including this affidavit, not to help her, including demanding to depose her and her husband, who is not even being sued.

My last communication with Mr. Pham came in the form of this email from him to me on September 30, 2019, "Please cease all future direct contact with my office."

Lovely, but the question I have is given State Farm's behavior in this case, why would anyone ever get insurance from them. I'm just asking the question, the equivalent of an opinion, so I can't be sued for it, except maybe in Minnesota.

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