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Friday, November 30, 2018

Michelle Roberts Being "Helpful"

I don't think she was being helpful, but you be the judge. This is Michelle Roberts, Lakeville Police Officer. 

The bulge in the pants is a reference to Jim Gilbertson who got a bulge in his pants while touching a teenager.

"I'm just begging you to let us live with our mom," a desperate teen age Samantha Rucki says, but to no avail.

The backstory is that after telling 20/20 that he wanted to put his family back together, David Rucki is now suing his ex-wife, along with his children who are suing her.

Ironically, David Rucki claims he was alienated, even though encouraging your children to sue is also quite alienating.

The substance of the email is below, sent to Allison Mann, who filed the complaint and approximately thirty others. Mann works as a paralegal for David Rucki's long-time attorney, Lisa Elliott and as a co-writer for David Rucki propagandist Michael Brodkorb.

So, I guess when David Rucki told 20/20 the kids needed their mother in their lives what he meant was he would encourage his children to sue their indigent mother presumably because four homes and nine classic cars is not enough all while getting a lifetime restraining order. 

I'm pretty sure the quack Reitman would call this parental alienation in any other context right? Maybe he can ask the dead squirrel in his lawn. What say you Gilbertson; is suing your parent a form of parental alienation; does this lawsuit give you a bulge in your private area? 

Following that email, Ms. Mann, one of the recipients though not mentioned by name, reached out the Lakeville Police Department who, in the name of Michelle Roberts, reached out to me. 


Ms. Mann has weighed in. 

I've emailed to all involved asking for comment on all this; the recipients include: 20/20 producers, Channing Dungey the ABC president, Paul Reitman, Jim Gilbertson, Julie Friedrich, Jeff Long of the Lakeville Police Department, Dakota County Prosecutor James Backstrom and his media person Monica Jensen. 

Ms. Mann has responded, "Stop contacting me. I do not want to receive 

emails from you anymore." 

No one else has responded yet. 

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