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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Innovative Payment Processing Systems in Use by Josef Toth

New age payment processing systems are among the most essential requirements of merchants and shop owners. The latest trend in shopping and buying pattern of consumers indicate that nowadays people want to pay for the stuff purchased through their ATM Cards rather than paying in cash. According to analysis of payment patterns of modern consumers, it is clearly visible that they prefer making payments through ATM Cards only. Rate of payments made through Credit Cards have decreased.
In order to provide attractive benefits of making payments through ATM cards, merchants have adopted state of the art payment processing systems that can process ATM cards payments.
Merchant's Benefit on Such Payments through Cashless ATM
Merchant's can make money on each transaction made by ATM cards through Cashless ATM's, like traditional payment processing systems they don't have to pay processing costs for every transaction. That means added profits for merchants or storeowners using such Cashless ATM Machines.

Benefit's of Customers on Payments through Cashless ATM
Making payments through Cashless ATM's or Scrip ATM's are the most convenient way. Customers can get cash back when making purchases. For this convenience they have to pay a nominal processing fee (usually less than the processing cost incurred in Credit Card payments). The customer has to slide their ATM card through cashless ATM and then they have to enter their PIN (Personal Identification Number), after verification customers get a slip/coupon that can be redeemed at stores.
Security Concerns in Cashless ATM's
As the name suggests, Cashless ATM's hold no cash, so there is almost no risk. There is no need of any security personnel to guard the ATM Machine (as in case of conventional ATM's used by Banks that provides facility of withdrawing cash). So, it is secure for both merchants as well as customers. Even if you lose your ATM card, no one can use it without the correct PIN. That means, only authorized people can use Cashless Scrip ATM's.
What Kind of Payment Processing Systems Merchants Are Using Nowadays?
Nowadays, different kinds of Cashless ATM's are in use. Merchants have the possibility to choose from a wide variety of Cashless Scrip ATM's. They can select from Counter Model, Wall Unit, or normal Cashless ATM's that resembles ATM's used by Banks.

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