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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Cashless ATMs - Reducing Your Worries While Travelling Around US by Josef Toth

Carrying cash is among one of the major worries of people while travelling. They need cash at each and every place during their journey. In order to purchase journey tickets, other travelling expenses like buying food stuff, magazines and book people need cash. This is really a great worry for frequent travelers.
However, you don't have to worry about carrying cash anymore, if you are travelling to any part of United States. Most of the merchants and stores have adopted a new tradition of receiving payments from customers. The new concept of Cashless ATMs has changed the way people used to make payments. Now you don't need to pay in cash when you purchase your favorite Pizza from any of the popular food chains in United States.
Use of cashless scrip ATMs by merchants on most of the departmental stores, gas stations, and food chains has simplified the process of making payments. This new phenomenon of Cashless ATMs is not only popular in major cities and metropolitans. You can find all stores and gas stations on highway equipped with modern cashless ATMs. That means you don't have to worry about cash anymore while you are travelling through state or national highways.
The popularity of Cashless ATMs has also attracted nightclub and bar owners to install them at their place. That means you can enjoy the excellent nightlife with music, dance and total fun without being worried about the payments. You can do it through your ATM card.
You must be wondering what is there in a Cashless ATM machine that changed the whole scenario of shopping and making payments. The reason is the dual benefit provided by these Cashless scrip ATMs to merchants as well as customers.
Installing a Cashless ATM requires less investment and makes you eligible for receiving payments from a wide array of Banks. After installation of Cashless ATM at their place merchants don't have to pay heavy processing fee (as charged in case of receiving payments by Credit Card). They have to pay a fixed amount every month for unlimited number of transactions. Even, customers love the convenience of using Cashless ATMs. They have to pay less convenience fee if compared to the heavy processing fee by Credit Card companies.
Cashless ATMs are very common in United States. Most of the stores have adopted them and rests are also adopting the trend. That means when you will be travelling to different part of United States for touring or business purposes, you don't have to worry about carrying Cash anymore.

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