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Monday, October 4, 2010

Quigley for Mayor

Mike Quigley, who's currently the successor to Rahm Emanuel as US Congressman in the 5th District (my district and the one once held by convicted felons Dan Rostenkowski and later Rod Blagojevich), is considering running for mayor of Chicago.

There is something about the seat in the Fifth Congressional District. Maybe it feels like a throne when you sit in it.

For 36 years, it was held by Dan Rostenkowski, adviser to presidents, distributor of tax dollars, wielder of clout. Later it was filled by Rod R. Blagojevich and then by Rahm Emanuel, both of whom went on to bigger things. Let’s just say the results were mixed.

Now Mr. Emanuel’s successor, Mike Quigley, said he was considering a run for mayor, even though Mr. Emanuel has quit his job as White House chief of staff and entered the race.

“I’m giving it some thought,” Mr. Quigley said in an interview. “For now, I’m focused on winning re-election and helping my colleagues in November, and after that, I’ll make a decision.”

With Tom Dart, Rickey Hendon, James Meeks, and Rahm Emanuel already in, the Chicago mayoral race is looking to be a wide open who's who of political heavy weights. 

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