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Friday, October 15, 2010

Hillbuzz Silent

For a month from mid July to mid August, Hillbuzz, and its proprietor, drove a story that no one else followed. The story involved the head of the Chicago Republican Party, Eloise Gerson, the Executive Director of the Cook County Republican Party, Jeremy Rose, and the Cook County Republican Chairman, Lee Roupas.

In the narrative created by Hillbuzz, Gerson blew the whistle on a prior act of a sexually predatory nature by Rose, Roupas covered it up and then retaliated against her. For a month, this story was the number one story on Hillbuzz.

The story eventually spread to Huffington Post and then to the Capital Fax blog. Rose eventually resigned.

The story lost steam until I published a freelance piece on Gaper's Block. My piece challenged the narrative created by Hillbuzz. Given the amount of time and space it dedicated to the story, one would think they'd have a response. Yet, Hillbuzz has had no follow up to the story that they drove given the new angle that was opened up. Huffington Post and Capital Fax also ignored the story even though it challenged their assertions as well.

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