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Monday, August 30, 2010

Castle in the Crosshairs

Fresh off their victory against Lisa Murkowski, the Tea Party Express is taking on the Republican establishment. This time it's in Delaware where the establishment pick is Mike Castle. The Tea Party Express is supporting Christine O'Donnell.

Delaware tea party candidate Christine O’Donnell got a major boost today in her long-shot campaign to take the Republican Senate nomination from under the nose of Rep. Mike Castle, who is considered the overwhelming favorite. The Tea Party Express announced it would spend around $600,000 ahead of Delaware’s Sept. 14 primary on her behalf.

But before the pundits could say “Joe Miller,” the Republican establishment had mobilized to shake Castle’s lapels and try to energize his campaign. Washington Republicans laid into O’Donnell, saying she could hardly be viewed as a paragon of fiscal virtue when she owes back taxes, had her home foreclosed on, and never received a diploma because she didn’t pay her tuition.

The next stop for the evolution of the Tea Parties runs through Delaware.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I heard an interview with Ms. O'Donnell on Mark Levin's show, and really liked what I heard (if you go to his archives, it was the very beginning of the August 31st show:

Castle has the distinction of having voted for TARP, the Teacher's Union bailout, he supports Cap and Trade, he voted against the surge in Iraq, he voted for the Dodd-Frank financial "reform" bill, and also voted with the Democrats to try to change the filibuster rules.

If times were a little better, I'd be mailing a campaign contribution to O'Donnell.

Castle is a menace and needs to go.