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Friday, August 28, 2009

The Nightmare of Dr. Shirley Pigott II

Introduction: The back story is far too long and complicated to explain here. So, if this is your first exposure to this story, here is the back story.

According to the Victoria Advocate, Dr. Shirley Pigott has been convicted of two felonies for evading arrest with a motor vehicle.

Shirley Pigott, former Victoria doctor, was convicted Thursday of two felonies for evading arrest with a motor vehicle.

The charges stem from a September 2007 traffic stop when she refused to cooperate with Department of Public Safety troopers and fled the stop twice, once at speeds of 100 mph, according to a news release from the Wharton County district attorney's office.

The jury acquitted her of aggravated assault of a public servant for attempting to force a DPS trooper out of her way with her vehicle, according to the news release.

Pigott faces two to 10 years in prison and is not eligible for probation. She elected to have the judge set punishment. The punishment hearing will be Oct. 30.

The conviction stems from this incident.

Now, like I said, the back story on this is too long to explain here. So, please check it out here again. (I'll assume everyone reading from here forward is aware of the back story)

Here's what is of note. This incident occurred in Wharton, Texas. Dr. Pigott's hometown is Victoria, Texas, about fifty miles away. The Victoria Advocate is the hometown newspaper of Dr. Pigott. This story along with another that reported Dr. Pigott's medical license suspension stemming from this incident are the only two mentions of Dr. Pigott in her hometown newspaper.

Judging by the comments, (30 and counting on this story and 69 comments from the previous story) every time she's mentioned it attracts viewers to their site. Dr. Pigott has tried to get the Advocate to publish her story on numerous occasions, and she's been denied each and every time. In fact, she's been mentioned more times by me, from Chicago, than her home town paper.

Both times her story was mentioned in the Advocate, she wasn't given a chance to tell her side. Dr. Pigott is in her 60's. She has no criminal history and she was a doctor for nearly thirty years until her license was suspended in March. The area in which Dr. Pigott was convicted has a history of corruption and a source tells me that more evidence will come out between now and sentencing at the end of September.

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Anonymous said...

Today, January 25, 2010, Pigott was sentenced to two (2) years in the Texas Department of Corrections (prison) by Wharton County District Judge Randy Clapp.