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Friday, August 21, 2009

The Democrats in Total Chaos Over Obama Care

Here is the latest ad in the push for health care reform.

So, in case anyone is keeping track health insurance reform, once dubbed health care reform, is now AGAIN a moral issue. In fact, the issue has come full circle for Obama and his administration. Remember, during the campaign, the candidate Barack Obama considered health care a basic human right. When he first framed the issue as President, he framed it as a moral issue.

Since then, he turned it into an economic issue. For a while, the President and his allies framed the debate by proclaiming that health care reform would "bend the cost curve". Then, the Congressional Budget Office countered that argument and the president changed the framing of the issue again. For the last couple weeks, health insurance reform, as it was now called, was a way to hold the evil, evil, health insurance companies "accountable". Clearly, the President and his allies don't think that will work so they're changing their strategy again.

Former football player Spencer Tillman was on Hannity last night. He used a sports analogy to describe this. He said "the only time you change strategies in sports is when things aren't working". If you change your strategy three times, things are really falling apart.

On top of this, no one can seem to figure out what to do about the "public option". Yesterday, Nancy Pelosi proclaimed this.

There’s no way I can pass a bill in the House of Representatives without a public option

Then, today, her top deputy, Steny Hoyer, said this.

Hoyer (D-Md.) emphasized his support for a public option in a teleconference call with reporters, but also said he wants to ensure Congress sends a bill to the president.

“I’m for a public option, but I’m also for passing a bill,” he said. Democrats believe the public option is necessary, useful and important, he added, “be we’ll have to see.”

In fact, the, will they or won't they, regarding the public option has become the lead story since Secretary Sebelius signaled the White House might be willing to back away from it last weekend. That's become the lead story since.

The only thing that has been able to knock it off this week the possibility that the Democrats will try and ram this bill through with only 51 votes. It's an idea that has no hope of actually working and only makes the Democrats look like bullying ideologues for even suggesting it. The mere suggestion allowed RNC chairman, Michael Steele, to say this.

Get it to the floor. Up or down, baby, You want it done, pass the bill. But they know it's poisonious and they know the American people will not tolerate it.

All the while, polls suggest things are only getting worse for the Democrats. The tea parties are holding a rally at every single Congressman's office tomorrow. At this point, the Dems' handling of health care has gone from debacle to a train wreck. When it gets this bad in politics, it almost always only gets worse. This is a total nightmare. There's no vision, no coherent message, and the Democrats are constantly on defense explaining away any one of a plethora of problematic provisions in the House bill. Like any train wreck, the sheer gruesome nature is what is fascinating. That's what keeps us interested.


GeronL said...

Break out the ear muffs the crybaby campaign is about to be launched. Plus the Angry Pro-Socialist Care side because they also think anger has help the dissidents, they want to be angry too. Oh and God is on their side too...

How many strtategies do you need at one time?

Somneone should explain to God's Partner that only one strategy can be the King at a time.

Anonymous said...

I think you severely overestimate how much loyalty Steny Hoyer has to Nancy Pelosi. Its not too big of a secret that Hoyer wants Pelosi's job, and that he's willing to ally with the Blue Dogs to bring her down. Rahm had the same idea before Obama essentially made him an offer he couldn't refuse.

This is what happens when you have one party made entirely of conservative whites, and one party with everybody else. The only thing holding the Democratic Party together is that all their factions are held in equal contempt by the Republican base.

And yet, on top of it all, Obama's biggest problem is that he's losing his base. Every time someone in his White House lets slip that the public option is done his base deserts him more and more.

Palin Republic said...

Even the Democrats can smell the stench of death hovering around ObamaCare.

If the God Emperor has failed, what will become of them in 2010?

Terrified, they turn and flee.