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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Strapped School Finds Enough to Hire a CTO

(H/T to Red State) According to the blog, Education Matters, we have this story of corruption at Big Hollow School District 38 in Ingleside, Illinois in Lake County (the County directly north of Cook County). The school district is strapped for cash. So strapped in fact that it has passed on hiring a school nurse among many different open positions. Yet, sometime after the last school board meeting, the board has decided that it is time to ADD the position of Chief Technology Officer to its payroll. This position was recommended by a member of the school board. This member has since recused themselves from the hiring process in order to apply for the position. This member just so happens to be currently unemployed.

The hiring came in a recommendation from a member of the school board made only to other members of the school board. The decision is planned on being made at the next school board meeting tomorrow, Monday January 19th. In fact, according to its own agenda, the school board will make all hiring decisions in closed door meetings.

The brazen hubris here is stunning. The school district is struggling to make ends meet. So much so, that it is putting off hiring for positions that are currently open. Yet, one member of the school board decides to suggest a new position for the school. It is one position that they themselves are perfect for. They share it with the school board only. The school board will bring it up immediately and then in private they will meet to decide if this same member will get the job.

They will do all of this despite the fact that everyone can see their blatant corruption.

The next school board meeting will be held at Big Hollow Middle School, 26051 Nippersink Ingleside, Il. 60041 at 7PM tomorrow. If you happen to be in the area, stop by and let the school board know just how much their blatant corruption is appreciated.

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