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Monday, November 17, 2008

Your Humble Proprietor on the Air

I was invited to be on the air on a global BBC radio show. Right now, I am having trouble embedding the podcast on my computer. As such, I will give the link to the podcast. I was told I would be on the air for most of the program but they only allowed me on for about the first fifteen minutes because of the explosion of interest (hopefully due to my comments). As such, I wasn't able to answer the lady that went after me that said that President Obama has restored the world's love in America. To that caller, I would say that the job of the President is not to have the rest of the world love us. They are supposed to represent the United States of America. Ronald Reagan was hated by just about everyone but Margaret Thatcher. What will happen if Vladimir Putin invades the Ukraine and the rest of the world doesn't want him confronted? Will President Obama subvert the will of the world or will he appease them?

Finally, take a look at the discussion of the program. Let me know how I did.

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