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Friday, November 21, 2008

Watcher's Council Winners

It appears so far the council likes my taste more than it likes my writing. No worries, as any great actor might say, it's an honor just to be nominated.

Winner Council Members

First place with 2 2/3 points! - Joshuapundit - The Afghanistan Blues
Second place with 1 1/3 points - The Colossus of Rhodey - Oh, the musical memories …
Third place with 1 point - (T*) - Bookworm Room - Perpetually Selfish Anger and Victimhood
Third place with 1 point - (T*) - Rhymes With Right - Intolerant Gays Attacking Religion
Fourth place with 2/3 point - (T*) - The Provocateur - The Coming Mortgage Class War
Fourth place with 2/3 point - (T*) - Soccer Dad - Names will never hurt me - the double standard
Fourth place with 2/3 point - (T*) - Mere Rhetoric - Detente In Our Time - Obama Prepares To Sell Out Poland In The Face Of Russian Aggression. Again. (Plus: By The Way, Missile Defense Works)
Fourth place with 2/3 point - (T*) - The Razor - COIN of the Realm

Winning Non-Council Submissions

First place with 3 points! - American Thinker - How the Academic Left Elected Obama
Second place with 1 point - Chicago Tribune - Obama and the Chicago Way
Third place with 2/3 point - (T*) - Hot Air - Obama picks presidential assassin’s lawyer as White House counsel
Third place with 2/3 point - (T*) - Pajamas Media/Ed Morrissey - Growth through dismemberment doesn’t work
Third place with 2/3 point - (T*) - Laz-a-fare - Time for a culture change


Anonymous said...

In response to the article you post on how the academic left [effectively] elected Obama

Same argument. New generation. Still ridiculous. Blame the educated. Please make note of what states Republicans won this election. This is the Republican base.
Go through the statistics on education level, obesity and health issues, illiteracy, income level per household, religiosity. For that matter, those states will tend to be on the negative end of just about all statistical categories. For 8 years now we've had an embarrassing, moron as our leader.
What do you think of Bush Mike?

If I had to choose, I'd take socialism over an American Taliban theocracy any day. Luckily, the world isn't as fundamentalist black and white as some would make it seem. In our country, we have a mix of a free market and a government regulated economy that ebbs and flows.

It's amazing how government intervention sounds a lot more attractive when someone's actual job is on the line.

***One other thing, cut the anti-intellectual crap. Having an abundance of view points on both sides is what makes for a free society. The day I don't have the option of hearing vastly opposing view points will be an extremely sad day.

Oh and please home school your kids and then send them to Liberty, ORU, Bob Jones, Regent etc etc etc. All bastions of thinking and intellectual prowess. You won't find the educated folks there you fear.

mike volpe said...

I didn't write that particular piece however I would say that the author said academic not educated. That isn't necessarily the same thing.

I have written a couple pieces on Bush. Here is what I think of him.

You sound like the typical looney leftist. You assign the worst attributes to Bush to then justify Obama's recycling old failed policies.

Socialism has been tried and failed. It's no justification to support a failed policy becasue you think current policies are also a failure.

The end of your comment makes no sense at all.

Jason Gillman said...


For the record at least in our state, were it not for Detroit, which has a 25% public high school graduation rate, Michigan would be QUITE RED. And I suspect Cook county would equally affect the state of Illinois, and Indianapolis (close the the "education level" of Detroit) affecting Indiana.

In fact, there was a concentrated effort to find all the "uneducated" people through outreach groups to vote for an obvious socialist, which had devastating effects down the tickets in all states. The Videos showing Q&A of people who voted for Obama revealed they knew very little about the man they elected other than the color of his skin.

I stand by my assertion that the manipulation of the perpetually stupid is a successful enterprise of the Democrats.

mike volpe said...

Certainly, most of the state, geographically at least, of Illinois red. Cook County does turn a red state into a very blue state. All of this is true, though I am not sure if that can be blamed on education. First, Cook County is a lot more than Chicago. Most of the suburbs are well to do with excellent schools. Cook County has been very liberal and Democrat for as long as it has been around. It's hard to blame the whole County's being Democrat on education.

I wouldn't call them uneducated. There is no doubt that Obama went after the youth, hard. There is no doubt that the youth responded a lot more to his soaring rhetoric than others. I don't know if they are uneducated but rather totally idealistic.

Freedom Fighter said...

FTR Mike,
I thought your piece on the mortgage class war was pretty much right on...and I said as much in my weekly rundown of the nominations.

Welcome to the Council and congrats on a fine debut.

All Good Things,