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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tide Turning Against Illegal Immigration?

That maybe the case according to new findings released by the Center for Immigration Studies.

Some 1.3 million illegal immigrants have left the United States since Congress failed to pass comprehensive immigration reform in the summer of 2007. If the trend continues, according to a new study, the nation's illegal population will drop by half in the next five years.

Moreover, reports the Center for Immigration Studies, young Hispanic immigrants began heading south before the nation's economy did – a clue that what's driving the new outmigration is a stepped-up border and workplace enforcement, not a souring US job market.

The source of the report – a think tank with a record of opposing illegal and even some legal immigration – is controversial in immigrant communities. But its findings could help frame the debate in a new Congress and a new administration

Now, the last paragraph is vital. This report comes from a group with a clear bias. That said, if their findings are correct, then all I can say is DUH. The findings confirm that (SUPRISE, SURPRISE) if you enforce the border, enforce legal employment, and make things difficult for illegal aliens, you will have less of them. The bottom line is that ICE and other organizations that are charged with rooting out illegal aliens have been demonized by some for their new more aggressive stance. Yet, if these findings are accurate, it turns out the new more aggressive stance has lead less illegals to come here and more to go home.

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