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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

McCain's Mack Truck Moment? (Updated)

On Hannity and Colmes last night, pollster Kellyanne Conway estimated that eight Barack Obama surrogates at one time or another have questioned McCain's war record. Those surrogates include Jay Rockefeller, Wesley Clark, and Rand Beers. As I pointed out yesterday, questioning McCain's war credentials is utter lunacy for the Democrats. It also presents an opportunity for McCain, and he needs to drive a Mack truck through this opportunity now while it is ripe.

The momentum for this started over the weekend when Wesley Clark questioned McCain's credentials. As I pointed out yesterday, questioning McCain's war credentials is utter lunacy for the Democrats. gfffafafaAs I pointed out yesterday, questioning McCain's war credentials is utter lunacy for the Democrats. Yet, that didn't stop former Kerry advisor, Rand Beers, from launching a similar attack. These multi pronged attacks have become fodder for pundits and they have taken up significant time all over cable and network news. Just today, Clark attempted to clarify his remarks.

Retired Gen. Wesley Clark stuck to his guns today, insisting that Sen. John McCain's experience as a POW made him a true American hero but did not qualify him to be commander-in-chief.


It was the latest salvo in the pre-July 4th presidential skirmishes that revolve around each candidate's patriotism.

Clark, who was the Supreme Allied Commander of NATO forces during the Kosovo War and a one-time Democratic presidential candidate, told "Good Morning America" today he wasn't questioning McCain's patriotism or courage.

But he repeated the comments that have already been rejected by Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama.

Of course, I should note that John McCain returned from Vietnam in 1973. He has since had a political career on the state and national level for 35 years. Furthermore, unlike John Kerry, the basis of his Presidentail campaign is NOT his military service. The Democrats are playing duplicitous and dangerous game. They are attempting to question McCain's war record without directly questioning it. Clark, I can only assume, believes that his own war record will give him the sort of credibility necessary to launch such attacks.

In fact, what they are doing is giving McCain an opportunity that he must cease on immediately. McCain's war record lies at the heart of the biggest strength that he has over Barack Obama, the patriotism gap. If I am John McCain, I would call a press conference for Thursday at the latest to deal exclusively with his war record and how his war experience helps him in the office he seeks. The Democrats have opened this Pandora's box for themselves and McCain must make them pay for it. It is time again for the public to be reminded exactly the sort of sacrifice and heorism that John McCain exemplified in defense of this nation. It is time again that the public be reminded just how seriously John McCain takes public service. The public needs to be reminded of the broken bones, the torture, and pain that he suffered in defense of the nation he wants to lead.

McCain has an opportunity to make his biggest strength the centerpiece of the campaign and it will be relevant. It is the Democrats that are questioning its relevance. Its time that McCain answer those questions. One press conference for an hour to discuss in detail every part of his war record from the Naval academy, to Vietnam, to his days as a POW, to his days when he returned and lead the fighter squadron. McCain needs to remind everyone just how much he has sacrificed for this country. While he will never openly say it, the undercurrent of that press conference will be the dramatic difference between his own heroism and Obama's spineless passivity in sitting idly by while his pastor trashed this nation for twenty years.


It appears that McCain is taking my suggestion, and no I don't think he actually got it from me.

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