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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

President Obama: We Are Taking a Close Look at the Arizona Immigration Law

The President of the United States is finishing up a statement following his meeting with Mexican President Felipe Calderone and during that statement he said, "my administration is taking a close look at the Arizona immigration law". Apparently however, the look is not close enough for most of his officials to actually read the bill.

In the Q and A, Obama followed up with this,

I've instructed the justice department to look at the law carefully

Though, again, apparently the President doesn't want it to be such a close reading that the head of Justice read it.

The president also said this law "has the potential to be applied discriminatory". Isn't that the potential for all laws? Isn't that why we have a fourteenth amendment? Why is he singling out this law for something that can be applied to anything?

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