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Friday, May 14, 2010

Holder's New Found Cowardice

Real Clear Politics points out an interesting dichotomy between AG Holder's tough stance on our own race relations and his own reluctance to call our enemies "radical Islamists".

Yesterday, he was up on Capitol Hill and the major noise was his admission that he hadn't yet read the Arizona bill. That's interesting since he's been so vocal in his opposition and of course the whole entire bill is less than twenty pages.

Buried was this back and forth.

In fact, Holder struggled to acknowledge that radical Islam was a possible reason for the attack in New York city. Holder started by saying there may have been a variety of reasons. That was one thing but then Holder wouldn't even acknowledge that radical Islam may have been one of the reason. That is simple cowardice.

This has become a standard M.O. of all of the Obama administration. They simply refuse to use the word Islam in describing our enemies.

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