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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Anti Establishment! Anti Incumbent! Anti Obama?

The results were clear in their referendum on two political dynamics and still unclear on the third. The victory by Rand Paul was a clear rejection of the establishment. The loss by Arlen Specter and the struggles of Blanche Lincoln continue to rejection of incumbents on both sides. Meanwhile, Democrat Mark Critz won the special election in Pennsylvania 12. Then again, Critz ran on pro gun, pro life, and anti Obamacare. That race was complicated by the primaries and tough Senate race. So, what does that say about Obama? Who knows?

I'm amused by the Democrats that think that Rand Paul's victory puts Kentucky in play. Do they know anything about Kentucky? Do they realize that there's a strong anti Democrat sentiment? Now, they think that Rand Paul is vulnerable.

The verdict for the Tea Parties is still unclear. They didn't put Tim Burns over the top in Pa 12. They won in Kentucky but that was a primary. The tea parties are taking victories in some places and losses in others. It's still an evolving electoral force.


AG said...

Well I'll tell you one thing, Rand Paul might not have been the establishment pick, but he's no less electable than Jim Bunning was.

I've said this before and I think it still stands: Americans are sick of pro-Wall Street pro-Corporate centrism. To the extent that the Democrats take their marching orders from people like Larry Summers, and the ridiculous amount of loyalty they show to their incumbents, this wave will hit them harder.

Take Blanche Lincoln for example, she barely won a plurality, much less 50% last night. Its no secret the Senate Democrats postponed a vote to gut her derivatives reform measure until after last night's vote. It could be what puts Halter over the top in the runoff three weeks from now. And no amount of pushing to eliminate an estate tax that nobody in Arkansas not named Walton pays is going to save her.

mike volpe said...

Rand Paul is just fine and in Kentucky he will have no trouble winning.

I don't think that people are sick of centrism. You are but people in general are a different story.

Kold_Kadavr_flatliner said...

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