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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hand in the Guns in Chicago

If you have a gun in the city of Chicago, which would be illegal, then you can hand it in today and get money.

The Chicago police department wants your guns.

The department is offering up to $100 for weapons handed over during its Gun Turn In on today.

The event will be held at 22 locations across the city (for a list, click here).

There is so much wrong with this I don't know where to start. First, Chicago has banned hand guns since the 1960's and yet violence has increased. Yet, Daley et al won't even consider the idea that this may not be working. Second, the only people that will hand in their guns today will be law abiding citizens. So, handguns won't leave the hands of criminals just other residents.

Gangs continue to flourish in Chicago. They're involved in everything from drugs, gambling, and even mortgage fraud. They hold citizens hostage in areas like Englewood. The city has no answer to that but we can hand in our guns today.


AG said...

I don't understand why law abiding citizens would trade in guns they purchased legally for only 100 bucks as opposed to people who bought them on the street and don't wanna be caught with an unregistered piece.

davidwolfe2 said...

For the love of God people, please do not succumb to the will of an ignorant regulation instituted and backed by a Socialist agenda. Fight it with everything you have. Apathy will never allow you to advance your position. Get involved. Join together and fight this and win as Heller did in Washington DC. Even here in the Peoples Republic of MA where the gun laws are the worst in the Nation we are not prohibited from concealed carry in any city. Join, fight!

Anonymous said...

I'ts a good thing there was a gun turn-in program this month, or that criminal would've had 2 guns insted of 1. looks like i'ts working!

Anonymous said...

People need to wake up to this simple fact; Anti-gun politicians can care less about public safety when they argue for gun control. Believe me, they know gun control does not work, they know that conceal carry deters rapes, robberies, burglaries, car-jackings & even murder. But they don't care, their hatred for guns overwelms their sense of logic.