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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Comprehensive Reform is Code for Amnesty and a Lack of Border Enforcement

If you want to know why those that want tough border enforcement are so weary of "comprehensive immigration reform", just watch that video. In it, Peter Beinart, a supporter of comprehensive reform, lays out his vision.

In the vision, he spends minutes talking about how to legalize those here illegally. Then, right before he finishes, he says, "and I suppose tough border enforcement as well". Does anyone believe that Beinart is really in favor of any serious border enforcement? That's how most of those that favor "comprehensive immigration reform talk about it. They spend an awful lot of time talking about what to do with the illegals already here and tough border enforcement is an afterthought.

To really close down the border, your heart has to be in it. Beinart's heart is in to making sure that illegals become legal but when it comes to border enforcement...that's another story, and the same goes for most that support comprehensive immigration reform.

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