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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Highland Park Administration Runs Scared

As the whole world knows by now, Highland Park High School in suburban Chicago canceled an appearance in a basketball tournament in Arizona this coming winter. This set off a firestorm but the administration, mostly Suzan Hebron who made the decision, have been unwilling to explain themselves. The decision was going to be part of a school board meeting at Deerfield High School, the school in the town next door, at which this trip cancellation would be discussed. That has since been removed from the agenda.

Big crowds were expected at a North Shore school board meeting Monday over a proposal to replace grass football fields with artificial turf at Highland Park High School. But that was before former Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin weighed in over the latest district controversy.

The district gained national notoriety last week for not allowing the high school's girls basketball team to play in an Arizona tournament.

Township High School District 113 officials cited student safety concerns because of Arizona's new crackdown on illegal immigration, initially stating the trip "would not be aligned with our beliefs and values."

Monday's school board meeting will begin at 7:30 p.m. at the Deerfield High School auditorium. A school official said the meeting had been scheduled for weeks at the auditorium because of the turf issue.

The basketball team controversy will not be on the board agenda, Suzan Hebson, assistant superintendent, confirmed.

The school has said that the team will play in a tournament in Florida instead though details haven't been set yet. The administration has a duty to explain themselves and every day they don't the story grows bigger.


AG said...

"But that was before former Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin weighed in over the latest district controversy."

Seriously? Some half-term Governor of a state with fewer ppl than Obama's state Senate District in Illinois whom barely half of her own party thinks can win an election says jump and these people shout how high?

mike volpe said...

Sometimes you say things that are intelligent and sometimes they're stupid. That was stupid. Mockery and belittling is unbecoming. Last I checked, Governor Palin has accomplished a lot more than you so mocking her is not only unnecessary but unfair. It's much better if you can refrain from belittling your opponents simply because you dislike them.

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xformed said...

"Mockery and belittling is unbecoming."

And usually indicative or having exceeded the knowledge level of the one mocking on the subject at hand.

When you're out of call.

Wildly successful strategy for winning a debate....NOT!

AG said...

Whoa, now. He's the one who said my comment was stupid. All I wanted to know is why someone as obscure as Sarah Palin is considered leadership material by anyone. It just seems so incredibly contrived to me. Its like, why are we being told we need to listen to her? Why are we being told she is insightful and relevant?

mike volpe said...

A successful governor, a whistle blower, a best selling author, and she draws a crowd everywhere she goes, yeah I don't know why she's considered leadership material.

xformed said...

And a man who served in a state legislature and a part of a term as a Senator: He's a leader now and widely looked upon as a leadership model.

I don't concur with his methods, nor do I believe he has the experience, or judgment to be a leader, but you have to admit before the 2004 election cycle, the President was a pretty obscure figure, too.

I guess, your response will be based on how invested you are in him...when each case mentioned has very similar backgrounds for not much time in the race...