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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Census Goon Squad

Here's some information from the Local Census Office (LCO)

1) Do NOT write the LCO phone number on the NV.

2) Do NOT use email to communicate any PII. This means addresses too.

3) There will be Census Officials in town on Tuesday (tomorrow). They will be canvassing the area. If they approach you, just cooperate and answer their questions. They are just seeing how everything is being run.

4) Also, from the LCO.
Business attire should be worn while enumerating.
Men should wear ties

That's all for now.

That's an internal email from the census. This is sent to enumerators, those that go door to door. These folks have been working for nearly two months and now the census is trying to impose a dress code and they're sending in a goon squad to make sure these folks comply.

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