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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Eric Holder Proves It's All About Demonization

Eric Holder had an infamous moment this week when he admitted to not reading the Arizona bill he's been criticizing since last month.

This is not only a remarkable admission but it pulls the veil over the demonization of this bill. No one who has demonized the bill has done it based on facts, based on anything in the bill, but they've done it purely based on speculation, assertions, and outright lies.

Most haven't read the bill. That didn't stop the president from proclaiming that you can be stopped and asked for your papers after you get ice cream.

Others have proclaimed that it's not what's in the bill. Instead, one needs to read between the lines. In other words, this bill will allow police to abuse the law. This is not only a total indictment of Arizona police but it totally misinterprets the incredible power the police already have. Police have the right to shoot someone, arrest someone, search their persons, enter their homes, etc. Police have all sorts of power that others don't have. Yet, opponents of this law would have us believe that the power to ask for identification will be the power that will be abused. How absurd?


AG said...

Well, people really do assume the police abuse their power routinely, or haven't you noticed?

Anonymous said...

AG personally I would rather a police err on the side of safety.

That said, I think Eric Holder is making an ass out of himself spouting opinions about a bill he hasn't read, especially when it's only 10 pages.