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Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Arizona Immigration Law: the Power of Brevity

There's something that hasn't received enough attention about the Arizona immigration law. It's between ten and sixteen pages, depending on the format you read it in. It's been a long time since a law has been so overwhelmingly approved. Governor Brewer has seen her approvals jump exponentially since she passed it.

In part, that's because the law is simple and straight to the point. You don't need to worry about what's hidden in the bill since it's only sixteen pages and there's no place to hide. It's simple, straightforward and clear.

Contrast that with health care reform which was more than 2000 pages. The financial reform is just under 1500 pages. Almost no one knows what's in there because no one can read and understand all that writing.

Meanwhile, the Arizona bill has no such nuance. The power of brevity is alive and well.

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