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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

David Rucki The Multi-Millionaire Qualifying for State Aid

     (A look inside David Rucki's home; he somehow qualifies for state aid, photo courtesy of

Ruck Minnesota Care by on Scribd

David Rucki received Minnesota Care, "a health care program for Minnesotans with low incomes."

The site continues, " Enrollees get health care services through a health plan. You can choose your health plan from those serving MinnesotaCare enrollees in your county.

"MinnesotaCare is funded by a state tax on Minnesota hospitals and health care providers, Basic Health Program funding and enrollee premiums and cost sharing."

Even without providing any income documents, a recent court order estimated David Rucki's income at $10,000 per month.
With four homes and a multi-million dollar business, it is likely David Rucki makes much more.

In other words, the taxpayers of Minnesota are paying for this multi-millionaire who owns a home in Lakeville, Minnesota, one of four.

Here is another one of his homes.

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Unknown said...

Dakota county gone wild.