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Friday, January 18, 2019

I've Been Blocked By Jeff Long, Lakeville Police Chief

I just received this email from Jeff Long, the so-called Police Chief of Lakeville Minnesota.

Mr. Volpe,

Any future emails addressed to any Lakeville Police Department employee will now be blocked.

Any data requests must be made, in person, at the Lakeville Police Department. We will not accept any email or phone requests from you.

Our department will not have any discussions with you over the phone.

If you are the victim of a crime, or have emergency while in Dakota County, call 911. That call will be received by the Dakota County Communications Center in Rosemount. They will

dispatch Police Officers, from the proper jurisdiction, to you. You are not being denied police services.

I don't know why he blocked me; all I did is send him and others an email with the document below attached, with this note,

You all definitely picked the winning horse and there is absolutely no evidence (you are not willing to cover up) of David Rucki being violent. 

Requested Reports (3) by on Scribd

I may be rude but Jeff Long and his entire Lakeville Police Department has ignored decades of violence and abuse by David Rucki. Also, this is not my first tangle with the police force. After another email to Allison Mann, she called the Lakeville Police Department and I received a call from Michelle Roberts. That voicemail is below.

The only cop who should fear me is a corrupt one.

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