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Monday, November 8, 2010

Gerard Beloin's Letter to the Media

Gerard Beloin has sent out this letter to the media...

We won! Now what? The fight is not over. It's RINO season.

I did not win the election last week but I won the ear of many winning conservative Republicans. I did not get the endorsement of one single politician but was endorsed by several taxpayer watchdog groups from across the country. They called my court cases and the recordings connected to them, "instrumental" in effecting the change of their laws in their states that are saving the taxpayers BILLIONS. That's right. Nationwide, that is BILLIONS in education funding money being grifted by organized crime. I can prove + or - $100 million per year being stolen in NH. 

It was so bad in Indiana, the Indiana AG wrote an opinion in our favor before the State legislature changed the laws. Hopefully, now that the Republicans (most are real, many are RINO's) have taken over the NH State House, the NH Senate and the NH Executive Council, they will use the proof developed here in NH that my affiliate taxpayer watchdog groups across the country are using to effect the change in our own NH state laws.

These recordings and the court cases tied to them, expose a sinister, new, nationwide scheme by members of organized crime designed to steal our tax dollars by the billions. "They have stopped using the baseball bat and the gun" to intimidate their opponents. It was too messy. They now use the their money and influence to buy up the politicians, prosecutors, court clerks and the judges to "dream up" criminal activity by their political opponents and then run them in circles in the courts until they run out of money. This is not fantasy. It has been proven in the courts, here in NH, and is being used to establish the credibility of other witnesses in other states by corroborating their identical testimony about the very same companies involved and with the very same criminals. 

Judges have ruled that recorded death threats by members of organized crime against members of taxpayer watchdog groups are not credible. Why?? Because the complainant is not dead!  That is a felony called a Misprison of felony. Now, in NH, according to precedent set by these judges, criminal threatening is no longer against the law. Fortunately, other states are not choosing to follow this insane precedent.

Judges dismissed charges, "with prejudice," on tape and then denied any such statement were ever made while reinstating the charges, after refusing to listen to the recordings proving him wrong!! That is also a felony. It is called falsification of public records. It is prosecuted under the perjury statutes. It is aiding and abetting SLAPPs.  If I did not do what I'm doing here today, I would be guilty of a felony for "being an accessory to a felony after the fact." Every public servant reading this article has the same legal obligation.

We are looking at political corruption, the likes we have never seen before in this state and in this country. In NH, specifically, we have judges refusing to dismiss charges when the prosecutor, informs the court, that he is being ordered to prosecute a political opponent, (that would be me) against his will, by his political bosses. You can hear the fear in his voice while he tries to do the right thing. Here are the transcripts. This US Attorney has defaulted twice since these recordings were made and the Judge Diane Nicolosi still refuses to dismiss the charges. 

According to Joe McQuaid and Drew Cline of the Manchester Union Leader, Nick Pappas, Kevin Landrigan and Andrew Wolfe of the Nashua Telegraph, Josh Rogers of NPR, Norma Love of AP, none of this is fit to print in the NH newspapers owned and controlled by the Scagliotti and Tomasko families.

With the Democrats in charge, working with their accomplices ("corrupt bastards") in the lame stream media, they got away with all of this for years. Now, will "these guys" still get away with it? If they do, it will be because the RINO's have been successful in co-opting the political agenda from the Tea Party Nation and "these guys" will have been successful in controlling their afore mentioned mouth pieces in the press.

Time will tell which Conservative Republican politician will develop a spine and grow a pair to take on "these guys". I can tell you which RINO Republicans in the Executive Council will not evolve. Ray Burton, Daniel St.Hilaire and Ray Wiezoreck. US Senator RINO, Judd Gregg, has been successful in installing his proxy Kelly Ayotte in his place

Time will tell.

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