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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Point Counter Point Weekly Addresses

This was the first time that President Obama was joined by his wife, Michelle, for the weekly address. This address done for Christmas focused mostly on our fighting men and women who are enjoying Christmas from the comforts of a military base.

The Obama's did show off the official White House Christmas tree. This tree isn't as controversial as the tree outside which reportedly was decorated with, among other things, an ornament of Mao and other sexually explicit ornaments.

That said, this was a good and wholesome address in which the Obama's thanked our troops and gave everyone else simple ways to thank the troops as well. This includes sending phone cards, care packages, and other items that the folks in the military are in need of.

The Republicans handed their address to a rising star within the party, Duncan Hunter. No, this isn't the former Presidential candidate but rather his son. Hunter is a veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan and he has the charisma and presence to do some big things in politics.

He also spent the majority of his address thanking the troops and wishing them and the rest of us a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. He spent about half the address, however, taking back handed shots at the Democrats and their policies. Hunter talked about the policies the Republicans have favored which would have "provided jobs without adding to the deficit", "decreased not increased the size of government", and "not added to the debt". Hunter ended the address by proclaiming that we should commit to policies that won't add to our deficit and kill jobs like Cap and Trade and Card Check.

It was a slick way of attacking Democrats without being so in your face. Given the occasion, it would have been out of place. Hunter showed some good political acumen in the way he pulled it off though I could have gone without the partisanship in this address.

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