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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Not Buying Health Insurance Soon Criminal?

Anyone that's still not convinced that the Baucus bill is rotten should be convinced after they read this latest discovery.

Under the health care bill being considered in the Senate Finance Committee, Americans who fail to pay a penalty for not buying insurance could be charged up to $25,000 by the Internal Revenue Service or face up to a year in jail, according to congressional analysts.

To understand how this can happen you need to follow the wonky nature of the bill and our tax code. It's important because the so called logic reveals just how perverted not only the Baucus bill is but the Democrats' philosophy on health care.

Under the Baucus bill, health insurance is no longer optional. It's not even a right but rather a mandate. In other words, if you're living, you have to heave health insurance. If you don't have health insurance, the government penalizes you. The penalty has been changed once and currently that's as much as $1900. This penalty will be assessed by the IRS.

This is no small point because the president argued that this penalty is NOT a tax. That's important because the President ad nauseum promised not to raise taxes on anyone that earns less than $200,000 yearly. Of course, if this penalty were considered a tax, then this would break his promise. Of course, if the IRS is the one imposing the fee/penalty, it's hard to see this penalty as anything but a tax.

Now, let's follow the logic. Health insurance is now a mandate. If you don't pay it, you pay a penalty. If you don't pay the penalty, you are now evading your taxes. Tax evasion is a crime, just ask Al Capone. So, all those that refuse or can't pay for their health insurance and refuse or can't pay the fine for refusing are now considered the same kind of criminal as Al Capone once was. Such is the logic of President Obama and the Democrats.

At this point, the job I want is the person that creates ads for the RNC. There's no shortage of good ads in response to this. Ads that say things like, "the Democrats think you're a criminal if you don't get health insurance". The magnitude of this discovery can't be measured. The news of this broke just earlier today. There's no doubt that the Democrats will augment the penalties but the philosophy is there. If you don't pay the penalty for not buying health insurance, Democrats consider you a tax cheat. It's just that simple. That label is devastating. The reverberations are coming. Once this news filters through the news cycle health care reform will fall at least five more points.


Anonymous said...

More points? Health care reform is increasing in popularity. How can it fall five "more" points?

Second, its not a "tax" because you get something directly in return for your money: health insurance.

Third, you really need to stop commenting on the Democrats since you're so oblivious to anything they're talking about. The Entire Democratic Caucus is ripping the Baucus Bill because they think all of the stuff you are criticizing the Baucus Bill about are things he added because THE REPUBLICANS want it.

mike volpe said...

Let me see if I follow your logic. Health care reform is increasing in popularity. Yet, everyone hates the Baucus bill for their reasons. Yet, the Baucus bill has been dominating the news over the last week. So, how exactly is health care reform gaining in popularity? Isn't the Baucus bill health care reform? I'm confused?

It is a tax. The penalty is if you don't get it. If you pay for health insurance, then there is no tax. If you don't get health insurance, then you are penalized. If it's not a tax why is the IRS responsible for collecting it?

mike volpe said...

by the way, FICA, what you pay for social security, is also a tax. You get social security benefits when you retire. It's still a tax though.

Unknown said...

I certainly can't follow Anonymous's logic or lack of.

I'm self employed and I pay into FICA, but the government keeps changing the retirement age. There is a possibility I will die and never collect SS. Or, if I do live long enough, the government will have squandered it on something else so no money will be left.

As Alan Keyes said, "we are all slaves. If you think you are not a slave, stop paying your taxes and find out what they do to slaves who don't pay their taxes."

Appreciate your article, Mike. Now I know what the government has planned for those slaves that don't pay their health insurance premium.