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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sarah Palin: Tomorrow is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life

Sarah Palin has only hours left as a public official, and starting tomorrow she will merely be a private citizen. Her political opponents will never admit but Governor Palin has travelled a remarkable and unique journey. Furthermore, her future, political and otherwise, is entirely open and she can do just about anything that she wants to do moving forward.

In fact, starting Monday July 27th, it's going to be very good to be Sarah Palin. Her immediate plans appear to be writing a book, making speeches, and campaigning for candidates that she feels represent the political philosophy and values that she finds important. Compared to the brutal avalanche of media scrutiny and endless stream of ethics investigations, all these activities would define a cushy job.

As for Palin's future, she has the opportunity to do just about anything that she wants to do. It's possible she'll retire quietly to Wasilla and simply spend time with her family. It's also possible that one day she'll run for President. Liberals will mock this idea, but Sarah Palin has defied odds most of her life. She won a state championship on a bad ankle. She became a major almost by accident. She was forced into blowing the whistle on corruption within her own party and then she beat a long term incumbent to become Governor of Alaska.

The idea that she can't be president is held only by those that fail to recognize all that she has already accomplished. They are the folks that dismiss everything she is and has done as merely being in ALASKA. To them, good governance in ALASKA is simple and so Governor Palin really hasn't done anything. Those folks won't end their obsession with mocking and demeaning her just because she is no longer a public official. Most of those folks also have resumes significantly less impressive than the Governor's.

Still, I suspect that moving from Governor Palin to private citizen Sarah Palin will be a relief and a welcomed tamp down in stress. I also predict that no matter what she does moving forward the future is very bright for Sarah Palin.


Anonymous said...

Well she is certainly going to be rich.

Anonymous said...

She's never finished a term in office. She attended 5 colleges. She's a quitter. That's not artificial some media construct, that's her record. Take away the VP nomination, take away the charm, and there's not a lot there. At some point, she's got to deliver on something other than being popular.

mike volpe said...

She finished two terms as mayor. She delivered on tax cuts, sweeping ethics reform, and renegotiating a massive contract with the oil companies in two and a half years as Governor. I'd say that is delivering a lot. You know how much a lame duck governor gets done in their last year and a half in office.

What exactly did Obama deliver before becoming president? Didn't he quit on the voters of Illinois? We elected him for a six year term and now we're stuck with Roland Burris.

Anonymous said...

Healthcare: What would Sarah have done? Loosed the free market.

Economic recovery: What would Sarah have done? Loosed the free market.

Honduras: What would Sarah have done? Ensured the deliverance of democracy and liberty.

Cambridge Police: What would Sarah have done? Ensured the peace, law and order.

We know what Obama has done.

Anonymous said...

Healthcare:Obama has done nothing yet and hopefully his plan of big government takeover will fail

Economic Recovery-500,00 more jobs lost per month and quadrupled the debt with more to come

Cambridge police-Obama would like to see Jim the cop become another Joe the plumber.
(you know right out of the Aliens playbook)Polarize and demonize

Honduras-Obama would love to see a dictatorship there like in Venezuela . Hondurans want freedom. Obama is for big government domination.

lil ol me