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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

CMU Vs. Dennis Lennox: Around the Sphere

Whatever lull there may have been in this fiasco it stopped. With Lennox making the latest move and filing court documents with suits against the administration as a whole and several individual members of the administration including President Michael Rao, things have been ratcheted up and the media is noticing. Here is some reaction from around the net.

Dennis Lennox, a student at Central Michigan University, is facing a disciplinary hearing for violating university policy governing distribution of materials, not providing his name to university personnel, and providing a "false identity" to university personnel.

This isn't the first time Lennox has had a run-in with the university. Last spring, the university forbade Lennox's group, Young Americans for Freedom (YAF), from excluding as "members" people explicitly hostile to the organization's mission. The university relented after FIRE wrote a letter in defense of YAF's right to free association.

The current round of trouble with the university began a few months ago when Lennox formed a student group called Students Against Gary Peters (SAGP). Peters is a CMU professor running for Congress.

...and here...

Dennis G. Lennox II wants to make a point -- even if it means attacking the wallet of the very university he attends.

Lennox, the 23-year-old Central Michigan University student who has spent his junior year as a controversy lightning rod, said he is taking action he hopes results in financial punishment for the school.

Lennox said Tuesday he filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education, claiming faculty violated his rights by sending e-mails labeling him ''Virginia Tech dangerous.''

I generally find that neither party wins in such confrontations in which the stakes continue to get raised on each other. That seems to be what is happening here. If the admin is the way I think they are, they are likely to not back down just because a suit is filed. Their next move will raise the stakes even more. Stay tuned...

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