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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tea Party's First Birthday

Today, there will be celebrations of the first year anniversary of the tea parties.

What a difference a year makes.

Just one year ago, Republicans were reeling from President Barack Obama's historic inauguration. Pundits widely predicted a political realignment that would vanquish conservatives from the halls of power for a generation.

Tea party groups will mark their one-year anniversary with a variety of events around the nation Saturday. But unwittingly, Obama and his Democratic colleagues may well have helped them commemorate the anniversary already, by holding this week's high-profile healthcare summit.

After all, most pundits agree that the last-ditch effort to save Obamacare probably wouldn't have been necessary, if it weren't for the heated town hall protests over the summer that wrecked the Democratic supermajority Obama was banking on.

Here's a flash back to the first Tea Party in Chicago. Of course, any excuse to play the Santelli rant is one I readily make.

The tea parties have become a political force and our political landscape will never be the same.

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