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Friday, February 5, 2010

The Principles of the Tea Party

Rumor has it that the Tea Party convention will announce its principles for 2010.

Fox News has learned Tea Party convention organizers plan a big news conference here Friday to propose the closest thing yet to a national organizing strategy for the upcoming 2010 midterm elections.

The first ever Tea Party Convention has attracted a sellout crowd of a thousand activists from as far away as Hawaii (and media from as far away as Japan) to the Gaylord Opryland

Volunteers here intend to propose a series of broad "First Principles" which have already been generally embraced by most Tea Party chapters around the country. They include: fiscal responsibility, upholding the constitution, and national security.

The most important thing, if it happens, is that the Tea Parties will require each of their candidates to join the Tea Party caucus. In that way, it will be very similar to the Blue Dogs, the Congressional Black and Hispanic Caucus. Now, it's all these factions that I believe has made the Democratic Party simply unable to govern.

The manner in which a vibrant Tea Party caucus fuses with the rest of the Republican party will determine whether the faction will help or hurt.

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