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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Gore Admits Climate Errors

This is a rather remarkable admission.

Former Vice President Al Gore admits that mistakes have been made by the scientific community regarding the issue of climate change.

In an op-ed piece for The New York Times, Gore said: "It is true that the climate panel published a flawed overestimate of the melting rate of debris-covered glaciers
in the Himalayas, and used information about the Netherlands provided to it by the government, which was later found to be partly inaccurate. In addition, e-mail messages stolen from the University of East Anglia in Britain showed that scientists besieged by an onslaught of hostile, make-work demands from climate skeptics may not have adequately followed the requirements of the British freedom of information law."

Gore states that it's unrealistic to expect scientific research to be 100 percent error-free. And he says the errors have not changed the consensus opinion of the scientific community on climate change.

Gore continues to claimthat "consensus" in the science community is in favor of global warming. That's of course non sense. Even before the latest admissions there was no such consensus. There may be consensus among those that Gore respects...those that agree with Gore.

To see just how vibrant the debate is on each side of global warming check out Joe Bastardi of Accuweather arguing against global warming going up against Joe Nye the Science Guy in favor of global warming. Never have props been so well used in a debate.

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